Class Pass LoveI’ll be the first to admit I have exercise ADD.

Usually, I will find something that I like and become obsessed for about two weeks. Then I get bored and want to move onto the next thing (but still am holding on to a 20-class package that I bought in my honeymoon phase).

Enter Class Pass.

When I originally had heard of Class Pass this fall, I was sold. For those of you who don’t know, Class Pass provides you with an all-access pass to participating studios and gyms in your city for $99 a month. You can only visit the same studio three times in a month, so it forces you to get creative and try new places!

Class Pass was kind enough to give me a complimentary month to try them out when they first we’re launching in the Chicago market. At that point they we're just starting out, and I wanted more studios and classes so I didn't continue after my trial.

After Class Pass grew a bit, I heard over and over again that I need to sign back up. I bit the bullet and committed. I am never turning back! I love that I can try new studios in the city and still visit the studios that I love oh-so-dearly at a much lower rate then I would pay if I went through them directly.

On top of that, It’s a game for me to figure out which studios I am going to visit when. Classes for the next week launch at 12pm the week before. You better believe I am all over my app trying to get in to my favorite studios!

The best part? It's social. My class pass friends and I coordinate which classes we go together through the platform!

PRO TIP: Flywheel classes are pushed live at 5pm on Sundays. Set your alarm for 4:59, Ladies!


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