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Do you ever discover a brand or product that you didn't know you needed, and now can't live without? Well, I discovered this wonderful store called Cents Of Style the other day and I literally can not even. Kidding, I can even, so much so that I made my first purchase last Thursday. It arrived on Wednesday, which is freaky fast shipping time!

Who Is Cents Of Style?

Cents of Style began in early 2007, as founders, Courtney Brown and Brennan Lau, decided to take their love of fashion and bargain shopping and begin an accessories company. They have trendy shoes, beautiful scarves, and fun jewelry.  It's the perfect outfit-finishing company that has stylish looks for less!

Why I love them

Aside from their super cute accessories, I love the brands personality and the passion that the owners have for the things they are doing over there! A few days after I made my purchase, I got a note from from one of the founders, Courtney, thanking me for my order and to hold tight because my order was "being processed with love" and to keep them posted when my order arrives because they want me to love their products as much as they do! 

Cheeky Works

Their product description speak to me. Here is a little excerpt of a description, "These shoes say, "I'm not trying too hard and yet look how freakin' fabulous I look!" And isn't that what we all want our shoes to say?". News flash, I always want to say that. The copy must have worked on me because I'm wearing the shoes right now :-).

Go check them out, I think they are going to make waves!

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2 Comments on "My New Looks For Less Obsession, Cents Of Style"

Madeline Graunke
4 years 5 months ago

This post is very timely! I am looking for jewelry for my cousin’s wedding right now. I will have to check them out!