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Last month I had a big work trip. There was a lot of build up/work before and I found myself manicure-less with hours before I had to leave for my flight! I know, #firstworldproblems, but regardless needed my nails done BAD!

This was a problem because I just moved to a new neighborhood (I am picky about my nail salons) and I haven't found "the one" yet. Naturally, I started yelping away and in one of the reviews I stumbled across someone talking about this App, PrettyQuick, and I am pretty happy I did.

Let Me Tell You About It

Curious, I downloaded the app and learned that if you book an appointment monthly through with them you will automatically get 20% off your service. At first this was a red flag. What is the catch? I did my research and, good news, there is none. With a $15 off code in my back pocket, it was a no-brainer to book. One thing to note, they do charge you a $.20 booking fee.

The appointment was great. I selected that particular salon because of all of the positive review that I could read in-app. They categorize salons either as boutique, no frills, and luxe so I knew what I was getting into before I stepped foot into the nail salon.

The way I would describe it, is Uber for a salon booking app. Game-changing. When I was done getting glammed up, I didn't have to worry about pulling out my credit card or scrounging for cash for a tip because everything is done directly through the app!

Needs Some Design

My only small gripe is the aesthetic of the app, it's a little clunky and heavy. It functioned great, but perhaps a few small changes to the look and feel of the app would make it a little more feminine and resonate better with the mostly female (I am assuming) audience!

Cliff Notes

Long story short, the PrettyQuick app is pretty awesome. Here is a link for $15 off for new customers, give them a try and let me know what you think in the comments!



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