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If you haven't noticed, I've been some what "off the grid" recently. I've not only been incredibly busy, but I've been extremely contemplative about my career. The past two years, my career path has had some...turmoil. But in a good way.

After spending three years at a boutique marketing agency right out of college, I followed my passion and jumped right into the start-up world. After building my blog and working on web design and development projects, I discovered my true passion for building things, technology and growing businesses. For dreaming big. For taking risk. For not settling.

I joined the team at an interesting cross roads - the business had just come off their wave of traction and was not growing - the team was shortly acquired by another start-up in the same accelerator. We were trying to shock the business back to life. Moral was low and there was a lack of passion, an incredible hindrance on the growth of the product. I wanted so bad to grow the business and bring it to life, but I didn't know how. I knew that working in the start up space was risk/reward. I learned a lot, but I found myself questioning my decisions - was I wrong to change career paths? Is this even what I really want?

I decided that I needed to look for new jobs and landed a roll at Assistant Marketing Manager at a mid-size company. I wanted stability but mainly I wanted to learn how to run a business from the best and the brightest. While I gained a vast knowledge at the agency, projects at an agency are limited to only tactical pieces of the larger strategic marketing puzzle. And learn I did. I learned from some incredibly smart people how to think like an MBA, value every marketing channel, focus on strategy and the objectives and tactics will following will align.

After a year I got that itch again. The itch dream big. Grow. Do things. To learn. Take ownership. To make the world better through innovation. Take risks. Be overwhelming passionate about what I do.

I wanted to take everything that I learned in the past, both in my start up experience and in my current role, and grow a business from the ground up. I had a constant internal battle, telling myself I need to sit tight for a few years because I didn't want the instability in the last two years of my career to reflect poorly on my work ethic. I didn't want my team and coworkers to think that I didn't value my time with them and everything that I have learned. After reading up on some of the most successful entrepreneurs and their turbulent starts, gained confidence in my itch. I realized that my fears were fears of other peoples opinions - not my own. I've learned so much about myself professionally from my experiences in the past two years, and I knew what I had to do if I wanted to wake up everyday with a zeal for what I do. I started to network and verbalizing my career ambitions and goals which made it real - the more I talked about it the more excited I became. That passion I was missing was reignited.

I recently accepted a job as Growth Manager at Blitsy, an eCommerce website for the arts and crafts industry, and I could not be happier. For those of you who are unsettled in your life, your career, in your relationships, I will impart a little piece of wisdom that I've gained from the past 5 years; you are a product of your experiences. Every experience you have shapes who you are and who you want be. Keep learning and keep changing. Like Steve Said, don't underestimate the power of following your heart and intuition. It might be scary to make a change, but change is good. It shapes us and reminds us that anything is possible.


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