SWEAT Chicago - 10 Classes

Two weekends ago my friend joined Class Pass. I was pretty pumped (pun intended) when we booked out first class together at SWEAT on State street the in the Gold Coast neighborhood. Not really knowing what to expect, we showed up rearing and ready to go on Saturday morning.

Pro Tip

If you are not a Class Pass-er, there is a Gilt City coupon for SWEAT Chicago out there right now that could get you 10 classes for $8.90 each - that is a steal!

It's a good thing we didn't know what we were in for because holy hell, SWEAT kicked our ass in the best way possible. We took their class called "SWEAT", which is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) class that combines intense, high-energy activity with shorter periods of low-energy activity.

Turns out that the workout was a partner activity that day, so I was glad I came with a friend! I liked the camaraderie that the partner workout fostered, it definitely felt like the team environment that you generally see at cross fit gyms! We had to complete a series of exercises alternating between sprints and strength. Because we we're constantly switching it up, the class went by soooo fast. It was over before it began!

We both agreed that the workout was super intense. It was perfect for Saturday morning but might be hard to get motivated to do after work since you are already exhausted! We ended up chatting with someone else who was in our class and she said that it was definitely the most intense class at SWEAT that she had ever taken, which is good to know that their other classes might be better suited for a lighter after-work session.

Overall, if you are looking for a killer workout then I would definitely recommend SWEAT!

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