It's me again - this is my third attempt at blogging. But third time is a charm right?

Now that I have gotten the hang of how to run a successful blog, I've decided to dedicate it to content that I love creating - food, fitness, fashion and Chicago history and current events.

Food. Well I love to eat and I LOVE to cook. I love experimenting with new recipes and figuring out ways to make them healthier. Except when there is Bacon involved. Or french fries.

Fitness. Do I need to say is again? I love to eat, so that is one reason I am dedicated to fitness. Beyond practicality, fitness is one of the most rewarding ways I can spend my time!

Fashion. Ah shopping for clothes, one of my favorite past times. I love finding stylish outfits at the right price!

Chicago. Born and raised  in the Chicagoland area, I have a deep appreciation for the history of this great city and a vested interest in current events.

Hope you enjoy!

Kate Frankenberg


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