Memorial Day Weekend marks the time when it is "socially acceptable" to wear white jeans and the start of summer. While the warm weather summer brings is a huge thumbs up for me, it doesn't really mark the start of wearing the white jeans (I've been sporting them for months!). For me, Memorial Day Weekend kicks off braid season!

Braid Season

If braid season isn't a thing, I'd like to coin the term and highly encourage all of you to start talking about it! I love experimenting with new ways to rock a braid without looking like a 5-year old school girl. Here are three basic summer braid styles that I am excited to sport this summer:

Summer Braid Style The Inside-Out Bang Braid | Photo of Kate FrankenbergThe Inside Out Bang Braid

This is my favorite braid by default. For some reason, when I set out to braid my hair my fingers naturally do an inside out braid. It just feels unnatural to me to braid the right way! It's my go-to for when I am rushing to leave the house! I start from my bangs with a dutch french braid (same thing as an inside out braid) and once I am about a forth a way across my head I turn it into a regular braid and pin it back! Boom!

opener-bps-fishtail-100113-22-ameliaalpaughThe Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is an old classic that I love, but it does take forever to do! I combat that by doing my fishtail braid while I am walking to the bus or train stop. I might get some weird looks on my way into work, but my hair looks fab when I walk into the office! My braid is usually a little messier than the one pictured here (probably because I am doing it while walking!), but there is nothing wrong with that!

Easy-Waterfall-Braid-TutorialThe Waterfall Braid

I still haven't been able to master this one on myself and definitely could not do this one while walking to the bus! Nevertheless, I love it when I see it on everyone else and am going to try and perfect it this braid season. I think the key to this braid is either to have super thick hair or dry shampoo and dirty hair (which thickens thinner hair). I'll keep you posted!

What braids are you excited to rock this summer? Tell me in the comments!


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