Why My Divvy Chicago Membership Is Revolutionary | Photo by Kate Frankenberg

A lot has happened over the past five years in terms of transportation in Chicago. When I first moved to Chicago, I remember taking cash out every Friday because I knew I would be taking a cab over the weekend and cabbies we're adamantly against credit cards. Enter Uber, which also was a transportation revolution in Chicago. Uber has made getting a ride from one point to another so easy that I use cabs much more than I would if the service didn't exist. With the discounted UberX prices, the lazy girl inside me justifies short and unnecessary rides!

While Uber started a revolution, my wallet cries a little bit every time I order a ride. In an effort to save some money, I purchase my very own Divvy Chicago membership!

What is Divvy?

Divvy is Chicago's bike sharing system which launched in December 2013. The system provides an affordable transportation option helping residents get around the city!  They have 3,000 bikes and 300 stations across the Chicago area.

Why is is awesome?

For one thing, an annual membership to Divvy is $75 which, if you take enough rides, is pennies compared to an Uber and even the CTA! If you replace your morning commute with a bike ride, you are saving $2 each day. That adds up!

Better yet, when you choose to ride a Divvy to get from one place to another you are no longer waiting for the bus or an Uber that is 10 minutes away. You simply find your nearest station, hop on your bike and be on your merry way! Not to mention, if you are riding during Chicago's notorious rush hour you can bob and weave and go down side streets - you will absolutely get to your destination faster than by car!

The best part in my opinion is that every time I hop on a Divvy bike I am getting a mini-workout in!

Safety First

When I tell people that I have been Divvy-ing everywhere, their first reaction is concern for my safety. I take safety seriously. Chicago has done a great job incorporating bike lanes on major routes around the city. I also wear a helmet every time I ride. Beyond that, my dad's main piece of advice when teaching me to drive a car was to "drive defensively" and that carried through to biking. There is always going to be that jerk that is trying to show off, whether it's another biker or someone in a car. Just be aware and do your best to get out of their way!

Mostly though, drivers assume Divvy-ers are unexperienced riders. They see that you are on a Divvy bike and drive very carefully and slow around you.

Long story short, Divvy rocks

Knowing that I have an added way to get around the city has revolutionized how I commute. Not only is it cheap cheap cheap, but it cuts my commute time in half!


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